DXracer Tank Series

DXracer Tank Series – big guys only

This line of seats was designed for large-sized users, offering the widest and biggest seating possible, comparing to the seats of other series of the DXRacer brand. Just imagine: this gaming option has a weight limit of up to 400 lbs! The upholstery of the DXracer chair is a high-quality eco-leather that does not require special care, which also allows the chair to “breathe”. The anatomical shape of the DXracer chair, as well as special pillows, neutralize the risks of negative consequences for the spine and is a mean of osteochondrosis prevention. Thanks to the adjustable DXracer backrest you can qualitatively relax in the armchair within work breaks.


  • the possibility of a large backrest inclination;
  • ecological coverage;
  • safety for health.


  • Increasing the strength of the structure entailed a slight increase in the weight of the entire chair.

DXracer chair price

DXracer TANK models embody all the strengths of other series and acquired an aggressive and sporty design, completely repeating the seats of business class cars. DXracer chair price fully corresponds to the quality, allows a person to spend more than 8 hours of continuous work at the computer with comfort and convenience.


In the old days, people would just go to local supermarket and buy a ak racing chair usa. Now, professional gaming DXracer chairs has impacted the market and influenced the way it has evolved. Dxracer gaming chairs are the best representatives gaming furniture. Both at home or office, they will make you happy and your back would be glad of your purchase.

Our personal choice is the DXracer Sentinel series. Firstly, we would like to thank the DXracer manufacturer separately for the opportunity to rotating the backseat almost to 180 degrees. You can just make a break and have a nap in your DXracer without leaving your workplace. And it’s great that there is an opportunity on DXracer chair to drive up to the right table and take, for example, a document and when I speak on the phone a person will not hear the roar from the DXracer wheels. Nevertheless, the price for this DXracer series is reasonably high, but of course you need to pay for such quality. The DXracer chair is really worth it.

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